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Banging the animation drum

Posted 12 Mar 2008

Back in our younger days us Fat Heads would perch in front of the TV and happily watch Scooby and Shaggy run past the same water cooler 17 times. These days when kids aren't 'binging on street corners' (copyright The Daily Mail) they're watching big green ogre's, mice that can cook and Transformers. The point is that animation has moved on...and how.

In today's a world of CGI and 3D, animation is everywhere; from film and TV to computer games and advertisements and that's why when Richard Drum of Humdrumm Animations Studio (DYSWHDT) came to us with the idea of developing his website we picked it up and ran with it…past the same water cooler 17 times.

Richard is a successful and highly skilled animator. He has worked for such high profile clients as Cosgrovehall Films, RockStar Games, Lego, EA Games, Disney, Warner Brothers interactive entertainment and Nicktoons. He has produced animation for award winning shows, games and short films.

Humdrum offers 3D animation, character animation, television idents/interstitials, motion graphics, animated commercials and videos as well as ingame and cutscene animation. Phew! Luckily for us though they aren't very good at websites.

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