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Posted 24 Jun 2019

A group of brothers cycled 2,000kms from Barcelona to Manchester this June to raise funds for St Ann's in memory of Charlie Mitten. The group includes Andy Mitten who is a football journalist and editor of the Manchester United fanzine United We Stand.  Andy reached out to Fat Heads to do the logo design for the fundraising which they were only too happy to donate for free to the charitable cause.

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When Andy reached out to the hospice, they said that St Ann’s needed an ambulance. It’s £40,000 for a new one, a lot of money to raise but we can start towards it. They planned the bike ride for eight months in the hopes of raising money for the hospice. 

A few weeks before his dad died, there wasn’t even an ambulance available to take him from a hospital back home. After waiting for seven hours, his brother Sam took him instead. They raised over £7000 on sponsors alone, and as can be seen here they reached their goal and then some! They raised a total of £47,915. 

Here at FatHeads, we are proud to have been part of their journey and supported the cause that will help countless people. 

Funds Raised

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