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Working with Schools Payroll Portal menu

Working with Schools Payroll Portal

Fat Heads take on their second project for the education sector service providers.

21 Oct 2021
Greater Manchester Data Trust search listing

Greater Manchester Data Trust search directory

Fat Heads have developed an online directory to search organisations in Greater Manchester.

22 Jun 2021
Computer coding books on shelf next to cactus

What is a Content Management System?

Fat Heads keep web development jargon-free and here we explain CMS essentials.

08 Feb 2019
Close up of computer code on a screen

Centring your unordered list with an unknown width

Ever struggled to position your unordered list in the centre with HTML and CSS. Struggle no more…

11 Jan 2019
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Duplicate HTTP and HTTPS in Drupal 7

Using your .htaccess to remove duplicate content isues with HTTP and HTTPS Drupal 7 links is easily fixed with this technique.

09 Nov 2018
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Developing the website for Beaverbrooks’ Bbook

Working in partnership with Altrincham IfAgency for Beaverbrooks we built a new internal web site to educate staff on the new ranges and internal developments.

02 Jan 2011