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NEWS / Posted on the 19 August 2016

Hartlepool College home page

Fat Heads are specialists in providing website design and development within the education sector so it was a great opportunity for us to take on the redevelopment of Hartlepool College of Further Education's website. The college were keen to not only completely redesign the website and make it responsive across all browsing devices but more importantly they wanted it to communicate with their application and enrolment software to reduce administrative workload.

Fat Heads have come up with a vibrant and stylish design that makes great use of the College's photography and videos. We have also created a process whereby course data and applications transfer easily and regularly between the website and the application and enrolment software.

The relaunch has been timed perfectly with students looking for college courses as GCSE results are announced. We are confident that we've given Hartlepool College of Further Education a great new tool with which to attract those students.

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