Making a meal of mailers

NEWS / Posted on the 18 September 2008

The Gourmet Society flyer

One of our main goals here at Fat Heads Creative Studio is to help companies reach out to more and more customers and clients through innovative and bespoke design. So it came as no surprise that leading dining membership club, the Gourmet Society, approached us for their latest direct mail campaign.

The Gourmet Society, based in Manchester City Centre, are looking to extend their already 50,000-strong membership with a stylish mail shot. Fat Heads, who have previous successful experience in producing direct mail designs, were eager to work once more with the Gourmet Society following the excellent working relationship formed when working on the 2008-09 UK Restaurant Guide.

Fat Heads will produce an eye-catching four-page flyer highlighting the various offers and features that will entice new members. Although judging by some of the tasty choccy desert images we've got at our disposal they won't take much persuading.

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