New website for innovative Higher Education scheme

NEWS / Posted on the 01 October 2017

A new website for universities higher education support programme

Five universities joined together to create improved access to information and support for students exploring their higher education options.

Under the North East Collaborative Outreach Programme (NECOP),  

Newcastle University, The University of Sunderland, Northumbria University, Durham University and Teeside University developed Future Me, a programme of activities and events supporting students across the region to consider future options and the educational pathways available to them.

Fat Heads were commissioned to develop a new website for the scheme that would provide an engaging and easy to access platform for students and providers. It was essential that the site could quickly convey the large volume of options and locations for higher education in the region, whilst directing visitors seamlessly to specific targeted areas of the website.

Key features that we developed for the universities and the Future Me programme include; an interactive map and searchable location directory; tailored audience landing pages for targeting visitors; blog functionality with keyword filters.

Sasha Quigg, Programme Co-ordinator at Future Me, commented “Fat Heads worked with us to create a website we are proud of and that encompasses the needs of the project perfectly. Their expertise and creative flair has brought our ideas into fruition, providing an ideal platform.”

Visit the website here.

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