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Computer coding books on shelf next to cactus

What is a Content Management System?

Fat Heads keep web development jargon-free and here we explain CMS essentials.

08 Feb 2019
Chancery Court Tax Chambers brand guidelines page layout

Website and Branding for London tax chambers

Fat Heads rebrand London boutique tax chambers, CCTC.

29 Jan 2019
Close up of computer code on a screen

Centring your unordered list with an unknown width

Ever struggled to position your unordered list in the centre with HTML and CSS. Struggle no more…

11 Jan 2019
Wireless headphones on a table

6 of the best podcasts we listened to in 2018

We love a podcast whilst coding and drawing away in the office – so we have compiled a best of 2018 offerings.

07 Jan 2019
Chancery Court Tax Chambers logo

Rebranding London-based boutique tax chambers

Rebrand and website development project for esteemed Chancery Court Tax Chambers in London.

04 Jan 2019
FSA Football Supporters Federation logo projected on Tower of London

Fanzine of the Year 2018: United We Stand

Fat Heads attended the Football Supporters Federation Awards at the Tower of London.

04 Dec 2018
Sean Turner and Rick Baxter aged 11

What we learned starting a business

As we approach our 11th birthday, founders Rick & Sean chew the fat over what’s happened over that time period and what they have learned.

30 Nov 2018
Fat Heads 11th Birthday logo

Presenting our showreel highlights of 2018

It’s our birthday week and we look back at over a decade of exciting work that we have carried out for a wide and varied client base.

26 Nov 2018
Paul Scholes Manchester United v Barcelona Champions League goal illustration artwork poster

Supporting Ronald McDonald House charity

We’re proud to be supporting Ronald McDonald House at their 9th charity Gala Dinner.

21 Nov 2018
Fat Heads tips and techniques logo

Duplicate HTTP and HTTPS in Drupal 7

Using your .htaccess to remove duplicate content isues with HTTP and HTTPS Drupal 7 links is easily fixed with this technique.

09 Nov 2018
Jodie Whittaker as Dr Who fifty pound note

Who have we put on the fifty pound note

Which doctor is on the money?

02 Nov 2018
Blossoms band music poster artwork

Poster design for one of our favourite bands

We are having a special giveaway to celebrate our great work carried for Stockport stalwarts, the Blossoms

01 Nov 2018
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