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Big Chip Awards 2015
Fat Heads has been nominated for the Best Public Sector Project award
05 July 2015
Big Chip 2015
Alice House Care Agency
Fat Heads return to Hartlepool to support the Hospice with their brand new Alice House Care Agency website
16 March 2012
Alice House Care Agency
In a different league
Salford Council's new initiative for 5 aside football uses Fat Heads for a corporate identity and web presence
09 July 2011
JP League
Part of Manchester's future
Fat Heads feature in Future Story: Manchester
27 February 2010
Centre for Cities
We take leading role in Government initiative
01 September 2009
Manchester skyline
The Silver Screen
Fat Heads provide promotional material for Louie: The Movie
30 January 2009
Louie: The Movie
University Challenge
University of Salford e-shot design project
10 September 2008
University of Salford