Jodie Whittaker as Dr Who fifty pound note

Who have we put on the fifty pound note

Posted 02 Nov 2018
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Which doctor is on the money?

From Margaret Thatcher to England defender Harry Maguire riding a unicorn – everyone has been talking about who will be the face of the new fifty pound note this week. Although there was call to scrap the £50, because of the rise of cashless payments and digital transactions it is ‘rarely used’, the current decision is to issue a new design and a more secure format.

How do the Bank of England select a character for new bank notes?

There is in fact a Banknote Character Advisory Committee that selects the field that is to be represented then goes out to the public for nominations. In 2015 they selected the field of visual arts for the new £20 note and saw nominations from L.S.Lowry and Maxine Peake to Tony Hart. 

In the meantime our clients are being commercially savy and keeping their e-commerce capabilities on point. Find out more here.

Who should be on the note?

We took that question literally and suggest that Dr Who should be the beloved scientist on the note. Which leaves us with the challenge of which Dr Who should it be? In a who’s who of great scientists there are some pretty great Doctors to choose from.

Who is your ‘note worthy’ Doctor? 

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