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The question

Can Fat Heads build a micro-learning platform? ComPeDence allows professionals to advance their knowledge and company's and organisations the ability to monitor employee awareness through a series of simple multiple-choice questions. ComPeDence approcahed Fat Heads with a view to developing a website for the new company that would generate questions based on user preferences and skill level and then collate results that could be displayed to individuals in order to monitor thier progress and be shared with employers for statistical analyis.

The main bulk of the project would be in the contenet management system that allows administrators and contributors to manage questions, categories, users, companies and industries. Fat Heads were also tasked with designing an engaging and informative front-end in order to entice potential professionals and businesses to subscribe to the platform.

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Features we put in place
Realtime statistics
Users and administrators are able to see performance statistics based on their activity.
Bespoke minimalist icon set used to highlight and accompany supporting information.
MailChimp integration
Email registration form linking and submitting directly to MailChimp.
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Dealing with Fat Heads has been a pleasure. Not only did they produce a great looking website that has been widely praised by our clients but their design input into the backend of the platform has directly helped us secure more business.
Andrew Slevin, ComPeDence
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