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Maradona, Pele, Messi or Ronaldo?

Based in Norway, Football Icons are a group of passionate football fans who wanted to wanted to create a set of special edition playing cards to pay tribute to some of the footballing greats of the international game.

We’re no strangers to football based illustration at Fat Heads so naturally, we were excited to get on board.

After working closely with Football Icons to collate and narrow down who would make the cut, we began illustrating each of the 56 players before creating a small brand identity and single-page website design to promote the product.

Logo & Illustration Style

We started the project by defining a recognisable style that would capture the likeness of the different characters but be easily repeated across the 56 bespoke portraits.

Once this was established we were able to create a simple logo design to be used on the back of each card that complemented the illustration style on the front.

football icons logo
football icons maradona photo
Deigo Maradona illustration
football icons cards
football icons card mock
football icons cards mock 2
football icons card mock 3
football icons card mock 4
football icons box net

Website Design

As part of the project we designed and developed a simple one-page site that gives Football Icons the ability to promote the product online and allows visitors to get in touch and register interest in purchasing a deck.

football icons site homepage
football icons pricing
football icons about

Language Options

Football Icons have a following in both Norway and England meaning the site needed to feature a fast and accessible way for a user to quickly change from one language to another. This is present within the navigation so a visitor can quickly find the right setting as they land on the site.

football icons language
character illustration large

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