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FutureMe is a new initiative providing support and information for students looking for higher education opportunities in the North East of England. The scheme is led by the five universities: Newcastle University, The University of Sunderland, Northumbria University, Durham University and Teeside University.

A new scheme requires a new website and Fat Heads, who have previous experience with higher education websites were commissioned to design and develop the site.

The project brief required visitors to be directed to specific areas of the site depending on which target audience they belonged to. A key part of the initiative was to convey the vast number of locations where higher education opportunities are available in the region and this needed to be reflected on the site in the form of a Universities & Colleges directory.

FutureMe website home page

Location Directory

It was important that the site showcased all Universities & Colleges that were affiliated with the National Collaborative Outreach Programme.

We implemented an interactive Google Map that allowed users to easily explore all the locations within the programme. The directory can be filtered with a title search where contact information for each location is clearly displayed.

FutureMe website schools and colleges map
FutureMe website school and colleges search
FutureMe background
Fat Heads have worked with us to create a website we are proud of and that encompasses the needs of the project perfectly. I would strongly recommend them to all.
Sasha Quigg, Project Coordinator, FutureMe

Targeted Landing Pages

Certain pages on the site have content that is specifically tailored for that type of user, for example, the Parents/Carers page filters information such as blog articles, events and key site pages that are relevant to that type of user.

On each of these pages, we implemented sub-navigation which helps the user quickly find each area of interest, such as help with student finance or guidance with the application process.

FutureMe website tablet
FutureMe website blog post mobile
FutureMe website application process

Upcoming Events

Sections are interspersed throughout the site reminding users of upcoming key events, again these can be tailored for each page they appear, for example, Open Days being displayed in the student section.

FutureMe website What's Happening panel
FutureMe background
Their expertise and creative flair has brought our ideas into fruition, providing an ideal platform to support the launch of the project. The team have been a pleasure to work with throughout.
Sasha Quigg, Project Coordinator, FutureMe

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