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John Foord Analytics user interface

Branding better insurance solutions

John Foord Analytics is an online platform where asset owners and financiers can generate accurate valuations of their asset insurance. In a process that would typically take months to complete, the global first model gives users access to over 30 years of data to determine if their current sum insured is correct and matches policy requirements.

Having previously completed work on the John Foord parent brand, Fat Heads were tasked with creating a new subsidiary visual identity for the analytics platform along with designing the front end interface of the platform.


It was important that this branch of the business had its own distinct image and attributes, yet still appear related to the original brand.

New colours and shapes were introduced to give the analytics branch its own personality but fundamental elements are still shared with the parent brand. The typography and JF monogram were kept to maintain a recognisable connection between the two.

jfa logo variants

Analytics Platform

Examples of some UI components that make up the John Foord Analytics platform. The dashboard displays different types of data with a traffic light status to give users a quick overview of how their assets are currently valued.

It was important for the report completion page to provide the user with a clear visual indication of how their current insurance was valued, as well as detail all the data and information that was used to generate the result.

jfa analytics stats
jfa result page
jfa form example
jfa dashboard example
jfa valuation result
jfa valuation entry

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