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Sport Social Podcast Network Website

Sport Social recently launched the UK’s only dedicated sports podcast network, bringing the latest audio content from a range of sports to listeners around the world.

After the success of working on their Premier League focussed news site, we were thrilled when Sport Social asked us once again to get on board with the next project.

We designed and developed a brand new online platform aiming to serve as a one-stop-shop for both content creators and listeners, along with other branded promotional material such as social media and presentation templates. 

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Images & Icons

From Snooker to Wrestling, the network has partnerships with creators from a whole host of sporting genres.

To ensure different audience member interests were catered for, we randomised the images that appear around the site and designed a range of icons to categorise and filter podcasts on the main listing page.

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One of the main advantages for content creators joining the network is the access they get to the Sport Social partnership model and their team of on-demand audio experts.

We created a variety of eye-catching illustrations to accompany each benefit and help visualise the bonus’ on offer for both podcasters and advertisers.

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Digital Templates

To help Sport Social boost the profile of the new podcast network, we developed a range of branded templates for them to customise use across different social channels and presentations.

sspn twitter template
sspn insta templates
sspn presentation template

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