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A new start

St John Vianney is a Roman Catholic school for pupils with autism, learning difficulties and complex needs. Having already had the previous pleasure of working with the school, we were thrilled when they got in touch once again for a rebrand of their existing site.

It was very important for the school to have an up to date platform that reflects the great work, services and opportunities that it provides to both prospective and current students’ parents and guardians.

As part of the redesign, we completely overhauled the existing site structure to facilitate a friendlier, more intuitive user experience. This also allowed the many pages on the site to be categorised and administered easily. 

SJV website devices

A brighter, more flexible colour palette

Whilst reorganising the content and structure of the back end of the site, we felt it would also be beneficial to make amendments to the front end to further aid with useability.

We adjusted some colours from the old palette to not only give a brighter and welcoming aesthetic but also offer more flexibility when colour coding each site section terms of buttons, hover states and background banners.

SJV website colour palette
SJV website colour buttons

Navigation Structure

The updated arrangement simplifies the organisation of information by categorising each page into one of four colour-coded sections, allowing visitors to quickly recognise where they are on the site. For example, a parent can land on the homepage and know exactly where to navigate for information relevant to them such as uniform policy.

This also helps keep the CMS (Content Management System) simple and straightforward for the school to administrate and modify pages & information where needed.

SJV website mobile sections
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We are very proud of the end result and are extremely grateful to the team at Fat Heads for their website development advice and guidance and support in bringing our website to life.
Aidan Moloney, St. John Vianney RC School
SJV home page blocks

Illustrative Assets

An important feature of the redesign was for general information to be more appealing to current and future students visiting the site. Utilising the new colour palette and illustrative style we were able to transform previously unimaginative content such as learning curriculums and mission statements to be more visual and inviting for pupils to read.

SJV website icons
SJV website icons
SJV website photo
SJV website page

Site Features

Other features available on the site include job vacancy listings, ‘what’s coming up’ dates, term timetables and dedicated areas for administrators to upload downloadable PDF documents from school behaviour policies to recent newsletter additions.

One notable feature on the site is the inclusion of a simple and easy to use multi-language plugin, providing visitors with the opportunity to quickly switch between multiple languages.

SJV website term dates
SJV website features
SJV testimonial background
We have had some amazing feedback now on how the user positively interfaces with the new website and we are confident that, as a marketing tool for the St John Vianney School community, it does a brilliant job for us. I would recommend for any other school looking to overhaul or improve their current website.
Aidan Moloney, St. John Vianney RC School

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