The Events Structure

The Main Event!

After working with The Events Structure in 2014 on their first site, we were delighted when they approached Fat Heads again for a website revamp.

The Events Structure is a specialist provider of event marketing structures, providing a wide range of products from roadshow trucks to converted shipping containers and mobile showrooms.

During the creation of the website we gave the overall brand an update to have a lighter and more neutral aesthetic, putting their great products at the forefront of the new site.

Image Driven Site

The ambition for the new website was to showcase their impressive product catalogue. The Events Structure had a great archive of projects with beautiful images so we thought what better way for us to highlight the great work they do than to base the site around these. To ensure that the site performed effectively image optimisation and online compression techniques were enabled.

Mobile First/Responsive

With the majority of visitors accessing sites through mobile platforms, we felt it was best to create the site with a mobile-first infrastructure so that it adapts its content based on the medium that users are accessing with.

Product Comparison Table

In order to assist the user with which product is most suitable for their needs, the product comparison table allows them to quickly analyse and compare key statistics of each exhibition trailer.

Key Features

Each individual product page begins with a key features section which highlights any significant information each product wishes to advertise. This allows the user to easily digest the information they need and especially benefits the experience of a mobile user, as there isn’t any need for lengthy scrolling to find key information quickly.

I took confidence from both Fat Heads professionalism and obvious honesty. Throughout the process, they gave me excellent advice which has helped steer the final solution to an exceptional place.

Product Spec Sheets

With a vast array of products on offer, we created a site that not only showcased these online but also has accompanying documentation to download and print, these have been married up with a MailChimp API that allows for data capture.

Print Ads

In order for the refreshed brand to remain consistent and reflect the new site, we redesigned templates for other Event Structure marketing collateral, such as printed adverts which regularly appear in relevant trade publications.

Other projects