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The Hub Events are a professional development and training company, who organise and design courses aimed at helping people become more effective and productive in the workplace. They have welcomed people from over 1600 organisations, offering courses from Leadership Development to Performance Management. 

We love nothing more than a returning client at Fat Heads, so we were delighted when they got back in touch for us to work on the design and development of a brand new website. The update aimed to provide an improved user experience for people to find and book training courses and ensure it was easy for the client to maintain and update.

Before getting started on the site, The Hub Events also tasked us with an overall refresh of their brand identity resulting in a new logo and updated colour palette.

Logo Development

We were able to use the previous logo as a practical starting point and evolve the icon into a more flexible and recognisable symbol that better represented the core values of the business.

After pairing it with some updated typography and a more vibrant colour palette, we able to roll out the new style across all Hub Events collateral and social platforms to create one consistent visual identity.

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The Hub Events iconography
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Fat Heads have been a real pleasure to work with, being both very knowledgeable and thoughtful. They really helped to guide us when making decisions about our new website. Nothing is too much trouble. Choosing them has been one of the best decisions we’ve made since starting our company.
The Hub Events, Christine Macdonald, Managing Director

Homepage Interaction

We carefully designed the homepage to create a simple and straightforward experience that encouraged users to engage and interact with the site.

We implemented a minimalistic form that requires little input but effectively guides a user to the relevant listings from the course selection.

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Course Page

An individual course typically requires a large amount of information to be communicated to a visitor before they complete a booking. We came up with a solution that would display the content so that it was accessible for a user to digest, especially on mobile devices.

Each page is divided into tabbed sections that allow a user to easily navigate from course feedback to what they can expect to learn without getting lost in unnecessary scrolling.

The Hub Events course page
The Hub Events iPad booking screen

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