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  • Prints
  • Poster art
  • Book/Magazine cover artwork
  • Character design
  • Campaign series illustrations
  • Commissioned artwork

Digital Illustration

At Fat Heads we have created artwork and exclusive prints for a range businesses, campaigns and industries from media and music artists through to football and supporter brands. We work with you to identify the style and direction of the digital illustration piece, understanding the target audience, purpose of the piece and campaign and the impact you want to create.

We can produce stunning artwork in a variety of mediums such as true to life artistic illustration, cartoon character design or more abstract pieces. We will develop the perfect unique style to bring your idea to life.

Fat Heads have produced a number of print designs and posters available for sale in our store. We have produced the front cover artwork each season for Manchester United fanzine United We Stand since 2012. We have created several unique character sets for schools.

Whether it is for a campaign or a high profile event, Fat Heads can work with you to scope out the concept and create design illustration pieces that stand out. We take time to understand your brand and the impact you want to achieve so we can create both one-off and campaign series illustrations that help you and your brand develop a unique creative style.

Our Digital Illustration projects