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Web Development & Content Management Systems

We have over 25 years of combined experience in web development and content management systems (CMS) which ensures that our clients receive a website that not only looks great and meets the brief but is also based on robust web development and functionality.

Giving our clients the freedom to manage their own website easily, regularly and securely is our key goal when it comes to website development. Simple but fully-functional content management systems (such as WordPress or Drupal) allow you full access to edit your website text, imagery, media and supporting documents. We can also provide multiple access levels to allow varying access to key sections depending on the administrator’s roles and responsibilities.

We will talk you through the essential sections and functions needed for your site, keeping it simple and jargon-free. We work with businesses to create solutions whether it is bringing a manual booking process to life online, integrating with and communicating with external platforms and databases or simply creating a clean and easy to navigate platform for all your information.

Fat Heads’ web development is ‘SEO-friendly’, ensuring that key data, layout structure and fast loading speeds are all in place to prepare your site for your Search Engine Optimisation campaign which will see your site climb the rankings and start working as it should.

Our Web Development projects

Latest Web Development news

Working with Schools Payroll Portal menu

Working with Schools Payroll Portal

Fat Heads take on their second project for the education sector service providers.

21 Oct 2021
Greater Manchester Data Trust search listing

Greater Manchester Data Trust search directory

Fat Heads have developed an online directory to search organisations in Greater Manchester.

22 Jun 2021
Computer coding books on shelf next to cactus

What is a Content Management System?

Fat Heads keep web development jargon-free and here we explain CMS essentials.

08 Feb 2019
Close up of computer code on a screen

Centring your unordered list with an unknown width

Ever struggled to position your unordered list in the centre with HTML and CSS. Struggle no more…

11 Jan 2019

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We understand the power and importance of unique and original design and work with clients to create stunning pieces for a variety of platforms.

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We provide a range of generous hosting packages to suit your website’s requirements. Reliable and fully supported, we can set up your hosting solution.