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Phavour is a brand new platform that allows university students to easily find part-time work. Job posters create a marketplace by uploading and tagging small tasks for student users to accept and complete.

As the mobile app was still in the early stages of development, Fat Heads were tasked design and develop a website to showcase the Phavour product and concept.

We created a site with a friendly, illustrative aesthetic featuring a series of customised characters and colourful scenes which help demonstrate the type of work which will be available on the platform.

Phavour dog walking illustration

Introductory Animation

To help a user immediately understand the concept of Phavour, the homepage banner features a short animation which quickly communicates how users from both ends of the platform can benefit from using the app.

Phavour post a task illustration
Phavour furniture build illustration
Phavour home page animation
Phavour website pages

Bespoke Iconography

As the site has multiple sub-pages within its structure we illustrated a series of icons to divide up the content and assist users with navigation. These also help to reinforce the Phavour brand by utilising the distinctive purple colours in the company palette.

Phavour iconography
Phavour background
5 is not enough stars to describe the level of service Fat Heads deliver with their website creation. Sean and Rick are so technically skilled and make you feel like they’re a part of your own team with your website being the only one that they’re working on.
Lliam Casey, Phavour

Site Features

Some of the features we implemented on the site include job advertisements, frequently asked questions, news articles and a press area for users to access staff information and company logos.

Phavour request form
Phavour job post
Phavour FAQs
Phavour staff bio
Phavour car washing illustration

Mobile Site

As the Phavour platform will be application-based we ensured that their website was appropriately geared towards mobile use too, the site is built to give a great user experience across a variety of different devices and screen sizes.

Phavour website mobile
Phavour example tags illustration
Phavour background
What they delivered is everything we wanted and more. They have perfected the process of creating a friendly and productive environment to create such a professional product. I couldn’t recommend this company more.
Lliam Casey, Phavour

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